Living energy provide cost effectibe wood-based energy solutions for commercialm industrial and public sector customers.

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Featured Product

  • FS3 Biomass Moisture Meter

    The most highly specified of Schaller's unrivalled range of biomass moisture meters, the FS3 is a true workhorse, and forms a vital part of woodfuel supply chains across Europe.


  • Thames Timber - 8.8MW

    When Southern Cross Forest Products saw their LPG bill spiralling upward by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Living Energy stepped in with a proposal for two pile-bed Bio-T burners to take ...

  • DB Breweries Study

    DB Breweries commissioned Living Energy to look into the technical and economic dimensions of switching from gas to woodfuel at their Waitemata Brewery in Auckland.

  • Dunstan Hostel, Alexandra - 250kW

    The year-round demands for hot water and heating at Dunstan Hostel made it an ideal candidate for a wood-fired system when air emissions consents came up for renewal at this Central Otago site. Ti...

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What is Bioenergy?

Bioenergy is any energy which is derived from different types of organic matter: energy plants and forestry, agricultural or urban waste, including wood and household waste. Bioenergy can be used for heating, for producing electricity and for transport biofuels.

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