Binder Wood-Fired Boilers

Established over 25 years ago, Binder are rated as one of Austria’s leading companies and now manufacture over 200 woodfuel boiler systems a year at their 11 hectare research and fabrication facility in Bärnbach. Widely regarded in Europe as one of the finest woodfuel boilers in production, Binder boast over 3,000 installations across the globe, from Chile to Japan, Russia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom - where over 150 Binder systems have been installed in the last 5 years.

Unlike many other wood-fired boiler manufacturers, Binder produce their systems to the precise requirements of the client. Binder’s extensive experience of meeting the multiple constraints which are often placed on boiler replacement projects, whether physical or regulatory, have spurred them to develop an unrivalled range of combustion, fuel extraction and ancillary systems.

Binder engineer boilers ranging from 49kW to 20MW in size, and offer a wide range of configurations to burn woodchips, pellets, sawdust and waste wood at up to 56% moisture content. Binder boilers are suitable for industrial, commercial, public sector and large residential applications. High profile Binder installations around the world include the iconic Welsh Assembly building in Cardiff, the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK and the Piber Federal Stud, home of the world famous Lipizzan horses.

Welsh Assembly Building, Cardiff, UK Eden Project, Cornwall, UK Austrian Federal Stud, Piber, Austria

Binder boilers have world-class emissions levels and are automatically permitted for use in problem airsheds around the world. The boilers are automatically accepted for use in most parts of New Zealand, and are well within the limits required in airsheds which have temperature inversion issues.   We have emissions reports for most boiler sizes available - please contact us to request a copy.

With their pedigree, robustness and technological edge, when it came to Living Energy choosing a technology from the world’s woodfuel boiler manufacturers, Binder were the only logical choice.

  • Step-Grate Combustion Units

    The most flexible combustion system in the Binder range, the three step-grate combustion chamber variations are capable of handing a huge range of fuel types and sizes. The most commonly specified configuration is the SRF-S, an auger-fed boiler with the added advantage of being able to burn both dry and wet fuels - including freshly felled and chipped trees. In operation, there are few biomass fuels that a Binder SRF-S step-grate system can’t handle.

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  • Underfed Combustion Units

    The Binder RRF combustion system can be found at the heart of some of the worlds finest wood energy installations. The RRF unit is based around a robust underfed retort burner constructed of scale-resistant chromium cast steel. Fuel is augered into the combustion chamber from below with a minimum number of moving parts.

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  • RRK Boiler

    The RRK boiler is the backbone of the Binder boiler and can be coupled with any one of six different combustion chamber designs. The modular design allows each boiler Binder produce to match the range of fuel types available in the local area, with increasing levels of fuel flexibility available through the range.

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  • Fuel Transfer Systems

    As you might expect from a manufacturer with such a wide range of boiler systems, Binder have a similarly comprehensive list of products designed to effectively move the fuel from store to boiler. Starting with a 150mm auger at the bottom of the size range, and rising through the ranks to a chain conveyor over a meter wide, there is a fuel transfer system in the Binder range which can be matched to any application.

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